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What's In My Park Bag?!

This is a question we get asked all the time. What should I bring into the parks? Of course, each guest will be different depending on their situation, but I found these 10 items are perfect whether you're going on an adult-only trip, or with kids, whatever the situation may be. Let's get to it! 

1. EXTRA battery for your phone! I always say nothing kills a phone battery fast than being in the Disney Parks. From constantly checking the "My Disney Experience" app for the next FastPass, taking pictures, looking at the map, or using the "Play Disney" app to keep you busy while waiting in line for your favorite ride. Its not going to last all day. I like Fuel Rod, they have kiosk all over the parks and when the cell is empty you trade it in for a fully charged one! You won't regret getting it! 

2. Umbrella/ Poncho. Rainfall in Florida is inevitable. It's not "if" it's going to rain but "when". They sell umbrellas and ponchos in the park but I like to take my own. A poncho will not take up a lot of room in your bag and trust me, you will not be the only one wearing it when the rain comes!


3. Autograph book/Pens. For big fans and little, there's nothing like seeing your favorite Character in the Parks. To hug them and get that classic picture. It's so fun to keep an autograph book to go along with these sweet memories. 

4. Sunglasses. They don't call it the sunshine state for nothing! And I'm sure Disneyland in California is equally as sunny, plus who doesn't look cool in sunglasses?!

5. SPF. You will be outside... a lot! And moving and grooving. You may not realize how much the sun is beating down on you. I especially keep extra chapstick with SPF for my lips. Make sure to keep the little ones covered!! 

6. Makeup/Brush. You will sweat (notice most of these have to do with dealing with the conditions of the Florida heat?) if nothing else I like to have some pressed powder to help with the glistening your forehead becomes from sweating. Also, a brush for when I get off those wild rides! But usually, by the afternoon my hair will be up in a ponytail anyway!! 

7. Snacks/Water bottle. Disney lets you bring some food into the Park. This is especially good for little ones. A Ziploc full of goldfish and a fruit snack is perfect for the mid-morning munchies. I like to bring a reusable water bottle because you will drink a ton of water. Did I mention it was hot? Disney will give you FREE ice water at any quick service place. That way you can keep your water bottle full. Most rides won't let you bring a cup of liquid onto the queue. With your own water bottle, you can close it and put it in your bag. 

8. Hand Sanitizer. They sell super cute ones at the Parks with characters on the holder. They come with a little clip for easy access because let's face it, germs are real. YUCK! There are people from all over the world at the Parks, so best keep those hands clean!! 

9. Ziploc bag. To put your phone in during those rainstorms or during the big drop on Splash Mountain because you WILL get wet! 

10. Last but not least - A Camera. Most of us have a camera on our phone. This is definitely something you don't want to forget! Cinderella Castle is the most photographed icon in the world. You don't want to miss out on that photo op! 

Don't worry, if you forget something or something random comes up, chances are they sell it at Disney. Have a magical trip! 

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