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Top Surprising Perks of a Disney Cruise

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Disney Cruise Line has a lot to offer guests from movies by the pool to beautifully designed staterooms. But do you know all it truly has to offer? Disney covers everything! Even a ton of little things you would even remember to think of!

Here are my top unexpected benefits of cruising with Disney:

Kids Clubs Hours--Did you know that DCL has the longest hours for kid’s clubs on the seven seas? They’re open from 9:00 a.m. until midnight or 1 a.m.! They even provide mats for little ones to sleep on if mom and dad might be out past their bedtime. PLUS there are multiple options to appeal to kids as little as infants all the way up to teens!

Cleanliness--We’ve all heard the horror stories of people getting sick and it spreading like wildfire across a cruise ship. But DCL has that covered! Public bathrooms are kept impeccably clean and even have hand sanitizing wipes for you to use to open the door. Every time you enter a dining room, they have people stationed at the door with those same sanitizing wipes so you’re hands are nice and clean before you eat. They have taken every precaution to make sure everyone stays healthy!

Stateroom Storage--With just over 13 inches from the floor to the bed frame, you have plenty of room to slide your large suitcases under the bed and out of the way. Plus, the staterooms have generous closets and hangers to hang your swashbuckling attire for Pirate Night!

Split Bathrooms--DCL was the first cruise line to implement a split bathroom design on their ships. Most staterooms have a split bathroom that provides two sinks and mirrors for guests. This makes getting ready to go for your adventure of the day so much easier!

Castaway Club--Did you know it only takes one sailing to become a member of the Castaway Club? And you get to start reaping those benefits on your very next cruise with DCL! Once you’re in the Castaway Club, you get to start booking excursions and spa treatments sooner and you even get a gift in your stateroom upon arrival! How cool is that?

Onboard Booking--If you loved the cruise you’re on, why not just go ahead and book your next one? The cast members on board make it super easy! Plus, it’s the easiest (and often only) way to get a discount for a Disney Cruise! And you can still use your favorite SSW agent to help with your vacation, just have their information with you when you book onboard!

Milk and Cookies--Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies and a nice glass of milk? Onboard a Disney Cruise, you can get just that right before you go to bed. Just give room service a call and they will bring you warm cookies and milk as the perfect bedtime snack! Plus, room service is available to bring ANYTHING you want 24 hours a day during your cruise. They only close early the last night of the sailing.

Truly All-Inclusive--Remember that room service I just mentioned? Totally included in your cruise fare! Unlike some other cruise lines, aboard a DCL ship, you don’t have to pay extra from room service or soda packages or late night ice cream. It’s all a part of your cruise fare, so there’s nothing too extra to worry about during your vacation!

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