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Top 5 Favorite Rides!

Let's talk rides. If you're going to Disney, you will want

to ride some rides and I often get asked what my favorite are, so I am here to

share that with you today. Putting this list together was easier than I thought

it would be because Walt Disney World has so many amazing rides to offer

between all 4 parks. So, let’s get started! My first favorite ride

you can find inside The Land Pavilion in Epcot and its Soarin’ Around the World.

Soarin is a ride where you are lifted into the air and feel like you are on a hang-gliding tour around the world. You visit places like the Great Wall of China,

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Fiji, and in the end, fireworks are shown over

Spaceship Earth. This is always a must when I go to Epcot. My second favorite

ride is Haunted Mansion. You can find this ride inside Magic Kingdoms Liberty Square. When you enter the queue for Haunted Mansion there are fun games and clues along the way. Once you get to the front you enter one of my favorite parts the stretch room. This room is an actual elevator that takes you up to the actual ride, so the room is stretching. Then when you get to the ride you get your

very own Doom Buggy and the ride starts. You are taken all over the Haunted

Mansion where you see ghosts dancing in a ballroom to even Madame Leota. This ride is so fun for kids of all ages and even adults. But watch out in the end because a ghost could follow you home. Third, on my list is Mickey and Minnie’s Run-Away Railway. This ride is located right on Hollywood Boulevard inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In this ride, you take a train ride on Goofy’s train when his train breaks and Mickey and Minnie try to save you. You will be in a tornado with Mickey and his friends, you will learn how to dance with Daisey, and at the end of the ride Mickey and Minnie are rushed to save you before you are smashed. Once they save you, they get to have their picnic where you watch them sing and fireworks. At the end looks for the cute bird at the top named Chuuby. My fourth ride is in Africa in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and this is the Kilimanjaro

Safari. At this attraction, you are in an open-air vehicle to take a guided African

safari ride. This is home to 34 living species on 110 acres. You will see

cheetahs, elephants, zebra, giraffes, and so much more. When on this ride you should always have your camera ready because you never know what you will see. The last ride on my list is Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. This thrill ride is in Fantasyland right inside Magic Kingdom. During this ride, you will encounter the seven dwarfs in their cave working away singing the classic heigh ho heigh ho. At the end of this ride, you see Snow White and her seven dwarfs dancing in them

cottage but watch out for the Evil Queen. So, there you have it my Top five

favorite rides at Walt Disney World!

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