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Disney Traditions

Disney Traditions

Ok, let’s talk Disney traditions! Traditions do so many things for the people that love them! They can bring families closer together, build anticipation, and imprint memories on our minds and hearts. For those who get to return to Disney, often times they like to mark the event with some small (or big!) tradition to mark the trip. Oftentimes we think of traditions as being something we do many years in a row, however, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. It could be a daily tradition for each day of your trip!


As a kid, our Disney tradition came in the form of pictures in certain places. I remember rolling my eyes at my mom when I was little, but I’ve carried those traditions into my adulthood and now with my kids too. My favorite one was “the bus stop picture.” The first morning of our trip (or whenever we were first waiting for the bus to a park) my mom made us pose on the bench or with the stroller to take a picture together at the bus stop at our resort. I love looking back at those pictures now and seeing how we grew and matured from trip to trip. Now I always take a picture at the bus stop with whoever is with me--even if it’s an adults only trip! I’ve heard of other families taking pictures outside of their hotel room by their room number. What a fun way of marking how much kids grow on each trip!


Traditions can also pop up in the parks. It could be riding a certain ride first or it could even be which park you go to first. We had a couple of park traditions in my family. We always went to Magic Kingdom first (there’s nothing like starting your trip with the view of the castle!). Once we got to MK, we always did the Carousel of Progress together at some point during the day. It sounds a little dorky, but that was one of my favorites! My other favorite park tradition was riding the Maelstrom (RIP--now Frozen Ever After) in Epcot. My favorite part about park traditions is that your family dynamics change a bit each time as kids get older and it makes each experience a little bit different than the one before.


One of the best traditions of them all is Disney food-related! We all know Disney food is unlike any other, so why not make a tradition of enjoying it! In Epcot, my family has always been a “Mexico first” (as opposed to Canada first) family. For us, that always meant starting the day with churros! It never felt like a real Disney trip until we got that morning churro! Now, as an adult, I like to pair that first treat with a margarita. One of my friends always has to get a lobster roll at Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom. The only thing about this type of tradition is that you can’t always count on the same foods being there from trip to trip. But don’t let this stop you! If you choose something simple, you can expect it to be easier to find--like a cupcake (those change seasonally) or the ever-popular Dole whip!

Traditions are a super fun way to celebrate any Disney trip and connect you with your friends and family! What are some of your Disney traditions?

About the author: Jessica is mom to twins Laila and Langston and loves taking them to Disney whenever she gets the chance. She's been planning Disney trips since 2015. Contact her at to start making your own Disney traditions!

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