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Why Disney is so important to me!

I often get asked how I justify going to Disney World once a month or once every other month. To be honest, we go to Disney World as much as possible, why? Because it simply is the glue to our family.

How can a theme park be the glue to your family?! Im sure you're wondering how that is even possible? When I think about this question, I find myself chuckling at myself because not in a million years would I think I would be sharing with the world, my big family secret.... DISNEY WORLD is what holds us together!

Disney World is so much more than just a theme park, it is a place of true and pure magic and a time capsule of every great memory I share with my family. I have been going to Disney since I was a child, and can not even begin to explain how magical it has been going there as an adult, with my own children and family. We create so many memories, have celebrated milestones, experienced a lot of "firsts", and have soaked in every second of family time.

You see, for us Disney is the place we get to run away from our very hectic lifestyles of being a dual military family. My husband is a Pilot in the United States Air Force, and I am a veteran, now DoD Government Contractor for the United States Air Force. We are going non-stop while we are home balancing our two careers, raising a wild 3 year old and currently expecting our second little boy this summer. We have had the opportunity to take our son, Allan David to Disney since he was 1.5 years old, he was born with hearing problems so seeing all of the parades, and visual effects/interactions allowed us to see his first reactions to fun, and watch him meet milestones right in front of our own eyes. Disney gives us magical memories to hold onto before long deployments, or busy seasons of life. When we need our cups filled we just hop in the car and go to "our happy place" where we can reconnect as a whole family and focus on just us.

It is not always about making sure we have every fast pass, or booking the most sought out dining experiences, for us Disney is truly about going with the flow and being together, seeing where the day takes us and soaking up every second of time we have.

Being a military family, time is a relative object, sometimes we don't have very much time, or sometimes time feels like it's never ending. Disney allows us to bundle that time into magic, create long lasting memories and stroll down memory lane, every single visit.

It is truly the glue that keeps us together, and is why we value Disney World so much! How has Disney impacted your family life?

Main Street Disney

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