Do you charge anything for your services?

Nope! Step Into Adventure never charges you for our services! We help you plan every last detail of your trip for FREE!

Do you make an itinerary?

We sure do! No matter which destination you book, we will put together a completely customized daily itinerary for you so you know what to expect each day of your trip!

Are you available to answer questions while i’m on my vacation?

Yep! We are available to answer any questions you have whenever they may arise. That’s before, during, and after your vacation!

Do I have to pay for my entire trip up front?

That really depends on the destination and how far out you book your trip. Generally, you don’t have to pay for everything right away. Disney World is always a $200 deposit per room with the remaining balance being due 30 days before check in. Other destinations have differing policies.

can i do a payment plan?

That depends on the destination as well. But most of the time, you are able to make payments however you’d like as long as your final payment is made by the date indicated at booking.

Any other questions?

Contact us today at info@stepintoadventure.com or request a quote here